Static Climbing Outdoor mountaineering Hiking Camping Fire Rescue Escape Rope
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Static Climbing Outdoor mountaineering Hiking Camping Fire Rescue Escape Rope

Static Climbing Outdoor mountaineering Hiking Camping Fire Rescue Escape
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【Rope Details】This climbing rope with two carabiner hooks, ends with reinforced rubber shrink sewing buckle  which provides you safety and reliable. Diameter 9~14 mm, Max Bearing: 2500 kg (5511 lb)

【Professional Design】 Using the high tenacity nylon material which is lightweight, tightly woven, clear lines,strong abrasion resistance, moderate soft, strong binding force, anti-slip and tear resistant. compact and well elaborated rope construction, making the cord super firm and adding to its excellent outdoor environment adaptation. With a smooth grip, supple for handling, flexible and easy to tie knots.

【Wide Application】This Climbing Rope is a good helper for outdoor mountaineering, tree climbing, escaping, hiking, camping, hammock, swing,caving, fire survival,fishing. etc. Note: This climbing rope is marked as a static rope. If you need a Dynamic Rope with ductility and shock absorption, please choose carefully.

Static bearing capacity

Product Introduction

When it comes to mountaineering, one of the most important pieces of gear is a rope. And not just any rope, but a static rope. Static ropes are designed for applications where minimal stretch is desired, such as rappelling, rescue work, and caving. They are also often used in industrial settings, such as construction sites.

Static ropes are typically made from nylon or polyester, and have a core and an outer sheath. The core is the load-bearing part of the rope, and the sheath protects the core from abrasion. The two parts are usually tightly braided together.

Product Advantage

Static climbing rope has many advantages over other types of rope. It is more abrasion resistant, does not absorb water, and is less likely to kink or coil. Static rope also has a higher breaking strength than dynamic rope, making it ideal for use in mountaineering, camping, fire rescue, and escape situations.

Product Uses

There are many different ways that people use static climbing ropes. Some of the most popular include outdoor mountaineering, hiking, camping, and fire rescue.

Outdoor mountaineering is a popular hobby for many people. It can be done in any type of weather and can be a great way to get some exercise. Many people use static climbing ropes to help them scale mountains or get to difficult areas.

Hiking is another popular activity that uses static climbing ropes. This is because they can provide an extra level of safety when hiking in areas that are unfamiliar or dangerous. They can also be used to help set up campfires or tents.

Camping is another common use for static climbing ropes. This is because they can be used to help secure tents or tarps. They can also be used to help with setting up campfires or building shelter.

Fire rescue is another important use for static climbing ropes. This is because they can be used to help victims escape from burning buildings or other dangerous situations.

Product Operate Guide

When it comes to climbing, few things are as important as your rope. Whether you're scaling a rock face or rappelling down a mountainside, your rope is what keeps you safe. That's why it's crucial to choose the right one for the job and to know how to use it properly.

Static ropes are designed for activities like caving, rappelling, and rescue work. They're made of materials that don't stretch, which makes them ideal for these applications. If you're looking for a rope to take on your next outdoor adventure, consider a static rope. Here's everything you need to know about static ropes, including how to choose and use them.


What is Static Climbing Outdoor mountaineering Hiking Camping Fire Rescue Escape Rope?

This rope is made of high-strength, low-stretch polyester that is ideal for a variety of applications, including climbing, camping, hiking, fire rescue, and escape. It has a breaking strength of 2200 lbs and is available in lengths of 50 and 100 feet.

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