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We provide not only magnet itself but also the new concepts,sharp-edge production technology, specialized magnetic solution. 
Ningbo Shine keeps it renew in S-U-N methods

In addition to neodymium permanent magnets, we also have other types of magnets such as SmCo permanent magnets, AlNiCo permanent magnets, ferrite permanent magnets, etc.

SmCo permanent magnet is a superior permanent magnet material, which not only has high magnetic properties but also strong corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, low temperature coefficient, high Curie temperature, and can be used at higher ambient temperatures. Samarium cobalt permanent magnets are widely used in motors, instruments, sensors, detectors, radars, and other high-tech fields.

AlNiCo permanent magnets are produced using powder metallurgy method. Suitable for producing complex, light, thin, and small products, widely used in instruments, communication, magneto electric switches, and various sensors.

We are constantly trying to improve ourselves in new thoughts, new technology and new working methods.
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