Customized Anti-corrosion SmCo Magnets
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Customized Anti-corrosion SmCo Magnets


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SmCo magnets

SmCo magnet is a kind of rare earth permanent magnets with remanence slightly lower than neodymium magnets while outstanding temperature stability. The magnets are widely used in?high working temperature applications.?There are two types?of SmCo?magnet, namely SmCo1:5 and SmCo2:17.

SmCo 1:5

SmCo1:5 (or SmCo5) alloys consist of one atom of rare earth samarium per five atoms of cobalt. The composition contains approximate 36% samarium and the balance cobalt. Prasedymium is used to increase the remanence for the specific requirement. The energy products of SmCo1:5 magnets range from 16 MGOe to 25 MGOe, namely 128 - 200 kJ/m3. Contrary to SmCo 2:17 magnets, the SmCo1:5 magnets are relatively easy to magnetize and saturation magnetization can be achieved with a moderate magnetizing field. Therefore, SmCo1:5 magnets are easier to calibrate to a specific magnetic field than the SmCo 2:17 magnets.

SmCo 2:17

SmCo2:17 (or Sm2Co17) alloys are with a composition of two atoms of rare-earth samarium per 13–17 atoms of transition metals (TM). The content of transition metals is rich in cobalt, but also exist other metals such as iron and copper. Other elements such as Zirkonium and Hafnium etc. in small percentage is necessary to achieve better heat treatment response. The maximum energy products of SmCo2:17 ranges from 20 MGOe to 32 MGOe, equivalent to 160-260 kJ/m3. The alloy is featured in best reversible temperature coefficient of remanence among all rare-earth alloys, typically being -0.03%/°C.

SmCo performance parameters.pdf

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