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  About Ningbo Shine

Better utilizing is the best way to avoid waste. We are always available to suggest our customers to choose right grade, proper surface treatment, best magnetic circuit to improve product properties and reduce cost. We have helped hundreds of our customers how to utilize magnets. In return, our customers keeps very good business relations with us.

New. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves in new thoughts, new technology and new working methods. We firmly believe that only by advancing with the times, can we keep up with the tide of the times, serve customers better, and achieve sustainable development.
  • Grain boundary diffusion
    Grain boundary diffusion technology
    Grain boundary diffusion technology is to use surface coating, magnetron sputtering, vacuum evaporation, electrophoretic deposition, etc., to form the thin layer of Dy or Tb on the surface of thin sintered NdFeB magnets with a thickness of less than 9mm, and then pass through proper heat treatment and tempering treatment . The intrinsic coercivity of the neodymium magnets is greatly improved after that. The method helps to reduce the use of heavy rare earths, thus reduce the manufacturing cost, and can also produce high-performance magnet that cannot be achieved by normal processes.
  • Laminated magnet
    Laminated magnet assembly
    480-286-16.777777%Laminated magnet assembly is featured of small vortex , while remaining the same or even higher performance as normal magnet assembly. The laminated neodymium magnets could be used as rotor magnet of motor, especially in electric car. Thus it is more and more applied in insulated stitching magnet components .
  • Feature of our product


    1. excellent magnetic consistency.
    2. With unique production way, Our products have competitive advantages in production efficiency, product manufacturing accuracy and cost control.
    3. The overall plating surface protection technology, and the excellent anti-corrosion properties of high temperature and high humidity

We are constantly trying to improve ourselves in new thoughts, new technology and new working methods.
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