Round Base Underwater Search Neodymium Fishing Magnet with Lifting Ring
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Round Base Underwater Search Neodymium Fishing Magnet with Lifting Ring

  • RPM-MF


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Product Introduction

The search magnet is composed of neodymium basin magnet, cross screw, lifting ring with threaded hole. Nickel plating with relatively good corrosion resistance shall be adopted.

If you're looking for a magnet that can hang heavy objects, this magnet is a perfect choice. This versatile magnet is ideal for lifting and moving ferrous materials like iron and steel, making it a great addition to any shop or warehouse. The magnet also features a durable hook that makes attaching and removing loads quick and easy.

We could produce tailored pot magnet base. Please contact our sales for the latest price and details.

Product Advantage

1.Round Search Lifting Neodymium Magnet with Hook is made of high-quality neodymium magnet and steel, which makes it much more durable than other kinds of magnets.

2. The round shape and the hook design make it easy to use and store.

3. This product is perfect for lifting and carrying heavy objects such as iron plates, pipes, etc.

4. The neodymium magnet can reach up to 460kg(1000 lbs), making it one of the most powerful magnets on the market.

Product Name Search Manget
Application Search for Items Containing iron
Grade N35
Material Neodymium Magnet + Steel
Coating Nickle

RPM-MF fishing magnet product specifications.


Packaging & Shipping

Export Standard Cartons are supplied with foam well protected. We can make the packages according to customer's request.

Standard sea and air packages are available





Product Operate Guide

In order to operate the Round Search Lifting Neodymium Magnet with Hook, first ensure that the area around the magnet is clear of any metal objects. Next, hold the magnet in one hand and use the other hand to slowly bring a metal object close to the magnet. The magnet will attract the object and pull it toward the center of the round search lifting the neodymium magnet. Finally, release the object from the magnet by gently pushing it away with your hand.

From the details to the quality, our product has excellent craftsmanship.


This type of magnet is widely used and can be used in various ways


Hanging Lightweight Objects on Metal Surfaces

This magnet is ideal for hanging lightweight objects on metal surfaces. The powerful neodymium magnet provides a strong and secure hold, ensuring that the objects stay in place. Whether you want to hang pictures, posters, or other light items, simply attach the magnet to the desired metal surface and hang your objects using the included lifting ring. It is perfect for home decor, offices, art galleries, or any other place where you want to showcase lightweight items on metal surfaces.

Attaching Notes or Light-Colored Paper on Metal Surfaces

With its strong magnetic force, it can also be used for attaching notes or other light-colored paper on metal surfaces. Whether you need to leave reminders, display important information, or simply want to organize your workspace, It's all a good choice.

Fixing Loose Wires and Cables on Metal Surfaces

The magnet is designed to securely fix loose wires and cables on metal surfaces. Its strong magnetic force allows you to conveniently organize and manage your cables, preventing them from tangling or becoming a tripping hazard. Whether you are working on a DIY project, setting up a home entertainment system, or organizing cables in an office environment, simply attach the magnet to the metal surface, and the magnet's magnetic force will hold the cables in place, providing a neat and organized appearance.

Retrieving Small Metal Objects like Thumbtacks or Paperclips

Its strong neodymium magnet ensures a powerful attraction, allowing you to easily pick up these small items from various surfaces. Whether you accidentally dropped a thumbtack on the floor or need to collect scattered paperclips from your desk, this magnet  can all solve your troubles. The lifting ring allows for easy handling and ensures that the retrieved items can be safely transported or disposed of. It is particularly useful in offices, classrooms, workshops, or any setting where small metal objects need to be collected efficiently.

Our products have been inspected layer by layer with professional equipment, and the quality is reliable.


Our product testing meets quality standards.


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