Powerful Permanent AlNiCo Magnets for Sale
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Powerful Permanent AlNiCo Magnets for Sale


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AlNiCo magnets?are mainly composed of aluminium, nickel and cobalt. Different magnetic properties of AlNiCo magnets are achieved by changing the chemistry and manufacturing process.?For example, specialized casting techniques are used to achieve the unique crystalline grain orientation in the Alnico 5-7 grade.

AlNiCo magnet was the strongest type of permanent magnet before rare earth permanent magnets such as SmCo magnet and neodymium magnets are invented in 1970s. Although AlNiCo magnet has been replaced by rare earth permanent magnets in many applications, the feature of temperature stability up to 500 degrees C. makes AlNiCo magnets irreplaceable in certain applications. In comparison, the max. Working temperature of neodymium magnets is just 220 degrees C. and that of smco magnets is 350 degrees C.

AlNiCo magnets are featured in high remanence and low coercitivity. As the coercivity of Alnico magnets is low, it’s necessary to make sure the permeance coefficient is high enough to guarantee the stability of the magnet in all temperatures in application. For example, the length of AlNiCo 5 cylinder magnet should be normally 5 times bigger than the diameter.Due to the low coercitivity, it is recommended to magnetizing AlNiCo after assembly.

Alnico magnets offer outstanding temperature stability. The magnetic properties of Alnico magnets varies little with changes of temperature. The reversible temperature coefficient of induction is -0.02%/deg C. from ambient and the reversible temperature coefficient of Intrinsic Coercivity is +0.01%/deg C from ambient. Thus AlNiCo magnet is a perfect choice in performance critical applications such as medical, military etc.

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