Single Side Fishing Magnet with Countersunk Hole
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Single Side Fishing Magnet with Countersunk Hole

  • RS-4


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[Unique Structure]: Magnet come with one eyebolt rings and Countersunk holes was designed in the middle of the magnet. Unique design Structure make it's function more powerful.

[Powerful Neodymium Magnet]: Diameter 60~120mm, Maximum Up to 1000LBS (460kg)pulling force, The powerful magnetic force is only concentrated at the bottom, The other three sides are Protected by steel cups that almost no magnetic force.Single side magnetic design makes fishing more convenient.

[Best Coated]: Ni+Cu+Ni Triple Layer Coated. The Best Coating Available, which Provides a Shiny and Rust Resistant Coated steel cup provides protection for the magnet and helps to prevent chipping or cracking.

[Multi-Use]: Great for salvaged of various iron-containning nickel material underwater and Good idea for Magnet Fishing, lifting, hanging, retrieving applications. Have fun to searching items like eyebolt, screws, hooks, fasteners and so on in your warehouse garage or yard.

[High Quality]: Made under ISO 9001 Quality Systems. 60 Days Money Back Guaranteed! magnetic force equivalent to 10 times the volume of the same magnet. force permanent, long service life.

[Treasure hunt]: Treasure hunting in the river or sea you never know what you may find. All you need is a strong rope and your ready to go.


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