Single Side Stainless Steel Eyenut Round Neodymium Fishing Magnet
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Single Side Stainless Steel Eyenut Round Neodymium Fishing Magnet

  • RS-5


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Product Introduction

The unique design of this fishing magnet includes a lifting ring and a screw in the middle, increasing its functionality and convenience. The diameter ranges from 25 millimeters to 136 millimeters, with a strong pulling force of up to 1300 pounds (600 kilograms), which can meet daily needs.

The powerful magnetic force is concentrated at the bottom, while the other three sides are protected by steel cups, reducing the probability of accidental damage to the magnet and making operation safer.

Product Advantages

One of the prominent features of this neodymium fishing magnet is its Ni+Cu+Ni three-layer coating. This coating not only has a bright appearance on the magnet, but also has a waterproof, rust proof, and anti-corrosion effect, protecting the magnet from damage. The steel cup outside the magnet adds an additional layer of protection to prevent any debris or cracks from appearing during use.


RS-5 single side eyenut fishing magnet product specifications.


Packaging & Shipping

Export Standard Cartons are supplied with foam well protected. We can make the packages according to customer's request.

Standard sea and air packages are available.





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Fishing magnets can salvage various metal materials containing iron from underwater and retrieve lost metal items. It has strong magnetism and is very suitable for lifting heavy objects, such as mechanical components, metal tools, and other heavy objects; Magnets can also be fixed on suitable surfaces to hang keys, banners, decorations, tools, backpacks, and even to organize wires and cables.

If you need to clean up dropped eyebolts, screws, hooks, fasteners, and other metal items in the warehouse, garage, or yard, the powerful magnetic force of fishing magnets can easily clean them up.
How to use magnets correctly?
① Can only adsorb ferrous metals.

② Only in the vertical direction can the maximum pulling force be exerted.

③ If it is too far from the adsorbent, the magnetic force will significantly decrease.

④ It needs to be adsorbed on a flat area, otherwise it will affect the adsorption effect.
Magnets can affect the function of pacemakers and implantable defibrillators; The pacemaker may switch into testing mode and cause illness, and the defibrillator may stop working. Please maintain a certain distance.
Neodymium iron boron strong magnets are fragile, and collisions between magnets are prone to breakage. Sharp fragments may be ejected several meters and harm your body; When handling large magnets, protective measures should be taken to ensure that nearby people are also protected or kept at a distance.
Please keep strong magnets out of reach of children to prevent them from swallowing; If a small magnet is swallowed, it may get stuck in the intestines and cause dangerous complications! Magnets are not toys, make sure children do not play with them.
High temperature may demagnetize the magnet. Please ensure that it is used below the operating temperature after purchase.
IATF 16949:2016

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