What is the Use Value of Fishing Magnets?
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What is the Use Value of Fishing Magnets?

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Magnetic fishing is an exciting and inexpensive hobby that combines treasure hunting with environmental protection. As the name suggests, magnetic fishing is all about fishing with magnets. The aim is to use fishing magnets to find metal objects in lakes, rivers and streams. Simply tie a string with high tensile strength to a strong magnet and throw it into the water.

  • What is the use value of fishing magnets?

  • How to use fishing magnet?

  • What are the precautions for the use of fishing magnets?

What is the use value of fishing magnets?

Magnetic fishing, also known as magnetic fishing, is the use of magnets and tension cords to dig up garbage, which is sometimes invaluable, from rivers, lakes and streams. In fact, magnetic fishing is not really a new outdoor sport, it was first used by fishermen or crew members to find keys that fell into the water.

Until 2021, after some enthusiasts started sharing the "treasures" they found at the bottom of the river on platforms like YouTube, this treasure hunt mode, like opening blind boxes, suddenly appeared in Europe and the United States, and its popularity soared.

According to Google's search trend, fishing magnet's search volume suddenly skyrocketed earlier this year, showing an explosive trend. After that, search data declined, but maintained a steady upward trend.

fishing magnets

How to use fishing magnet?

The fishing magnet is equipped with magnets that hold the hook for easy pulling of the bait. The use of bait shells in today's Taiwanese fishing is also very special, mainly because the magnets on the bait shells are exquisitely made. The magnetic strips of the bait shells are no longer common. Stronger, the split hook effect is more obvious.

Some magnetic particles are arranged according to a certain orientation on the bait plate, others are arranged irregularly. This type of irregular arrangement is called a random pull type and is more suitable for beginners. Simply place the double hooks on the bait plate. Take it, it's automatically disconnected.

There are also some that put a cover on the bait plate and then glue the magnetic particles under the cover. This kind of bait plate is more beautiful and it is not easy to damage the hook when using it. Towards the split hook, pull out the beautiful bait at will.

What are the precautions for the use of fishing magnets?

The best magnets for fishing magnets are neodymium magnets. These magnets are usually compact and have an enormous attraction. These magnets are rare earth magnets and are considered the strongest magnets available. Be sure to note that these magnets can damage the electronics and cause injury! Never try to put two of these magnets together, as they can break under external force. So be very careful! In addition, you will need a long, stable cord. It is recommended to use a rope of at least 50 feet, as this is perfect for shallow water and fishing in most places. It is also important to use a good quality nylon paracord, as fishing magnets have strength, durability, elasticity, high abrasion resistance and good knotting ability.

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