What is the Current Development in Neodymium Magnets?
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What is the Current Development in Neodymium Magnets?

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Depending on the manufacturing process used, NdFeB magnets can be classified as sintered or bonded magnets. Neodymium magnets have replaced other types of magnets in many applications of modern products that require strong permanent magnets, such as motors in cordless tools, hard drives and magnetic fasteners.

  • What are the properties of neodymium magnets?

  • What is the use of neodymium magnets?

  • What is the current development of neodymium magnets?

What are the properties of neodymium magnets?

Neodymium magnets are the strongest of all permanent magnets. They are often referred to as "super magnets".

They are used where the strongest magnetic force is required from the smallest possible volume of magnetic material.

Even small neodymium magnets have an amazing magnetic force, they can lift more than 1,000 times their weight. A neodymium disc magnet weighing only 2 grams can lift over 2,000 grams of steel!

Neodymium magnets emit a deep magnetic field to attract ferrous objects and other magnets from an impressive distance. Two neodymium disc magnets with a diameter of 10 mm and a thickness of 5 mm can attract each other and hold them in place with the thickness of a human finger. This is why magicians use so many neodymium magnets for magic and illusions.


What is the use of neodymium magnets?

The recent miniaturisation of power tools, motors, generators and speakers has been made possible by the amazing magnetic energy provided by modern neodymium magnets.

Neodymium magnets are relatively new, having been developed in the mid-1980s, and are now found in a myriad of modern applications, from fridge magnets to wind turbines!

Neodymium magnets are available in disc, block, arc, sphere and trapezoid shapes. They can be supplied with a variety of mounting options, including countersunk holes for screw mounting and 3M 468 self-adhesive for thinner magnets that can be instantly attached to point-of-sale displays and printed folders.

Threads cannot be made directly in neodymium magnets as they are too hard and brittle, but when integrated into a pot magnet assembly, post-threaded fasteners can be used in steel pot magnet housings.

What is the current development in neodymium magnets?

Since the introduction of neodymium magnets, the cost of manufacturing neodymium magnets has dropped as production capacity has increased dramatically, and small neodymium magnets are now cheap enough to be used for low cost promotional gifts.

Neodymium magnets (NdFeB), commonly referred to as "rare earth" magnets, are high performance permanent magnets made from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron. They are true permanent magnets and do not lose their magnetism unless they are heated to temperatures above their maximum operating temperature or their protective coating is damaged and water ingress causes rust, which can cause magnetic and mechanical damage to the magnets over time.

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