Neodymium Rare Earth Permanent Mangets in Traction Motors
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Neodymium Rare Earth Permanent Mangets in Traction Motors


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Neodymium Magnets In Traction Motors
ShapesSegmentRingBlockColumnarSectorOther Shapes
Main Applicationservo motor, DC brushless motor, traction motor of elevator, wind turbine generator etc.voice coil motor, step motor, pot magnets etc.compressor of air conditioner, driving motor of vehicle, high power permanent magnet
motor, MRI etc.
senor, magnetic suctionpermanent magnet motorspecial motor, suction magnet
PlatingTypeZn, NiCuNi, Chemnical Ni, Epoxy, NiCuNi+Epoxy, Parylene
Protection LevelSST 12h, SST 24h, SST 48h, SST 72h, SST 168h
GradeN54、N52M、N50H、N48SH、N45UH、N40EH and below
Working TemperatureFrom -20°C to 200°C
Sizes available (mm)Length of segmentODMax. sizeMax. diameterMax. diagonal length/
Width of segmentIDMax. size of magnetization orientation
Thickness of magnetizationWall thickness////

Thickness of magnetization////

Magnetization and packagingNon magnetic, magnetized or multipolar magnetized, antirust paper, gasket, vacuum packaging
inner cell foaming material, carton, plastic box, protective pallet transportation
express delivery, logistics, sea or air transportation
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Neodymium magnets play a crucial role in traction motors, providing exceptional performance and efficiency. Traction motors, commonly used in electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, require powerful magnets to generate the necessary torque for propulsion.

Neodymium magnets, also known as NdFeB magnets, are made from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron. They possess the highest magnetic energy of any permanent magnet material, making them ideal for traction motor applications. These magnets offer superior magnetic properties, such as high remanence (the ability to retain magnetization), high coercivity (the resistance to demagnetization), and high energy products.

The use of neodymium magnets in traction motors offers several advantages. Firstly, they provide a high power-to-weight ratio, allowing for compact and lightweight motor designs. This is particularly important in electric vehicles where reducing weight is essential for increasing energy efficiency and extending driving range.

Secondly, neodymium magnets exhibit excellent magnetic strength, enabling the traction motor to deliver strong torque output. This results in improved acceleration and overall performance of the vehicle.

Furthermore, neodymium magnets contribute to the efficiency of traction motors. Their high magnetization properties allow for better energy conversion, reducing energy losses and increasing the motor's efficiency. This efficiency translates into a more extended driving range and improved battery life for electric vehicles.

In summary, neodymium magnets are integral components in traction motors, offering exceptional magnetic properties and contributing to electric and hybrid vehicles' performance, efficiency, and compactness. Their ability to provide a high power-to-weight ratio, strong torque output, and efficient energy conversion makes them a preferred choice in the automotive industry.

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