What Kind of Products Does Ferrite Magnets Contain?
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What Kind of Products Does Ferrite Magnets Contain?

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The ferrite magnets are permanent magnets, which can be natural products, also known as natural magnets, or artificially made (the strongest magnets are NdFeB magnets). A material with a wide hysteresis loop, high coercivity, and high remanence that can maintain a constant magnetism once magnetized. Also known as permanent magnetic material, hard magnetic material. In the application, the permanent magnet works in the second quadrant demagnetization part of the magnetic resonance loop after deep magnetic saturation and magnetization.

  • How to choose ferrite magnets?

  • What are the characteristics of ferrite magnets?

  • What kind of products does ferrite magnets contain?

How to choose ferrite magnets?

Due to their low production costs, heat resistance (up to 250) and corrosion resistance, ferrite magnets are the most popular for everyday applications. They have a higher intrinsic coercivity than Alnico magnets, making them more resistant to demagnetization by external magnetic fields. However, their adhesion magnetism is much weaker than that of high performance neodymium magnets.

For their cost, hard ceramic magnets are very resistant to demagnetization, and they also have high permeability, which allows them to store stronger magnetic fields than metal magnets. While they are not as powerful as neodymium magnets, they do have good durability and will likely outlast the life of the applications they are used in.

Ferrite Magnets

What are the characteristics of ferrite magnets?

The most important characteristics of ferrite magnets include high magnetic permeability and high resistance. High permeability to magnetic fields is especially needed in devices such as antennas. Transformer cores require high resistance to reduce eddy currents. A type of ferrite magnets called square ring ferrite can be magnetized by current in either of two directions. This property makes them useful in the memory cores of digital computers because it allows a tiny ferrite ring to store binary bits of information. 

Another type of computer memory can be made from certain single-crystal ferrite, in which tiny magnetic domains called bubbles can be manipulated individually. Many ferrite magnets absorb microwave energy in only one direction or orientation; therefore, they are used in microwave waveguides.

What products does ferrite magnets contain?

A ferrite is interpreted as any of a group of non-metallic, ceramic, usually ferromagnetic compounds of iron oxide with other oxides, in particular a compound with very high resistivity.

Ferrites are usually described by the molecular formula M(FexOy), where M stands for any metal that forms a divalent bond, such as nickel ferrite (NiFe2O4).

Ferrites can refer to:

Ferrite (iron) - iron or iron alloys with a body-centered cubic crystal structure.

Ferrites (magnets) - ferromagnetic ceramic materials used in magnetic applications.

Ferrite beads - components placed at the end of data cables to reduce interference.

Calcium iron aluminate - a mineral found in cement.

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