What Does the Ferrite Magnet Mean?
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What Does the Ferrite Magnet Mean?

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Ferrite magnet, a magnetic ceramic like material, can be used in various electronic equipment. Ferrite magnets are hard, fragile, iron containing, usually gray or black, polycrystalline, that is, composed of a large number of small crystals. They are formed by chemical combination of iron oxide and one or more other metals. For more information about ferrite magnets, read the following words.

  • What does the ferrite magnet mean?

  • What is the performance of ferrite magnets?

  • What is the purpose of ferrite magnets?

What does the ferrite magnet mean?

Ferrite is a kind of magnetic ceramic like material, which is widely used in various electronic devices. Ferrite is used for permanent magnet. Ferrite cores for transformers and ring inductors, computer memory components, semiconductor peripherals. Ferrite is composed of iron oxide and one or more properties including difficult flimsy ferrous container, polycrystalline, usually grey or black.Ferrite is also called perovskite.

Ferrite Magnets

What is the performance of ferrite magnets?

Ferrite magnets work well in wet, humid, or marine environments - ferrite magnets are non corrosive. Since iron is already in a stable oxidation state structurally, iron cannot be further oxidized ("rusted") in water. Strontium ferrite magnet (sro.6fe_2o_3) and barium ferrite magnet (bao. 6fe_2o_3) are two kinds of ceramic ferrite magnets. Strontium ferrite magnet is the most commonly used magnet material because of its strong magnetism.

Ferrite magnets (ceramic magnets) have the characteristic color of "pencil lead" (i.e. dark gray). They are ferromagnetic in magnetism (good magnetic field and power, but not as strong as NdFeB or SmCo in size and size).

What is the purpose of ferrite magnets?

It is very popular in engine, generator, loudspeaker and marine design, but can be found in almost all industries. Examples include cars, sensors, machinery, aerospace, military, advertising, electrical/electronics, universities, design offices, and research and development. Ferrite magnets can be used at temperatures up to+250 °C (in rare cases up to+300 °C). There are currently 27 grades of ferrite magnets. 

The two main levels currently used are C5 (also known as FEROBA2, FER2, Y30 and HF26/18) and C8 (also known as FEROBA3, FER3 and Y30H-1). C5/Y30 is a general choice of ferrite magnets for applications such as out of band magnets. C8/Y30H-1 is the best choice for loudspeaker and other applications, and sometimes it is also suitable for engines (BR of C8 is similar to C5, but HC and HCI are higher). Ferrite magnets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Dimensional treatment is limited to grinding process - spark corrosion of conductor is not allowed for electrical insulating ferrite materials. Therefore, the main forms are blocks, discs, rings, arches and rods.

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