What Are the Applications of Ferrite Magnets?
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What Are the Applications of Ferrite Magnets?

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Ferrite magnets are a new type of non-metallic magnetic material developed in the 1940s. Since the manufacturing process and appearance of ceramics are very similar, it is sometimes referred to as magnetic porcelain. Ferrite generally refers to a complex oxide consisting of an iron group and one or more other suitable metal elements belonging to a semiconductor used as a magnetic medium.

  • What are the classification and properties of ferrite magnets?

  • What are the raw materials of ferrite magnets?

  • What are the applications of ferrite magnets?

What are the classification and properties of ferrite magnets?

Ferrite magnets can be divided into soft magnetic, hard magnetic (including bonding), gyromagnetic, instantaneous and piezoelectric and other ferrite materials. Their composition, crystal structure, properties and applications are listed in the following table. Their main features are: soft magnetic materials have high permeability, low coercive field strength and low loss; hard magnetic materials have a high coercive force Hc and a high energy product (BH) m; Gyromagnetic materials have gyromagnetic properties. That is, when the electromagnetic wave spreads in the direction of a constant magnetic field, its vibration surface rotates continuously along the direction of propagation. 

Gyromagnetic materials are mainly used in microwave communication devices. The moment magnetic material has a rectangular B-H hysteresis loop, which is mainly used for computer memory magnetic cores; the piezoelectric magnetic material has a large linear magnetostriction coefficient ls. Ferrite magnets are used in computer, microwave communication, television, automatic control, aerospace, instrumentation, medical treatment, automotive, etc. widespread. Among them, hard magnetic and soft ferrite materials are most commonly used.

Ferrite Magnets

What are the raw materials of ferrite magnets?

Since there are many relative positions between oxygen ions and magnetic ions in ferrite magnets, there is more or less superexchange between them. Studies have shown that the superexchange effect is strongest when the distance between the oxygen ion and the metal ion is small and the angle between the magnetic ion and the oxygen ion is about 180°. The direction of arrangement of magnetic ions in ferrite magnets is mainly based on the strongest superexchange effect. Therefore, the magnetic properties of ferrite materials depend not only on the crystal structure, but also on the distribution of magnetic ions in the crystal structure.

What are the applications of ferrite magnets?

Soft ferrite is a kind of ferrite material with wide application, large quantity, variety and high starting value among various ferrites. Currently, dozens of species are produced in batches worldwide, and annual production has reached more than tens of thousands of tons.

Soft ferrite is mainly used as a variety of inductive components, such as filter cores, transformer cores, antenna cores, deflection cores, magnetic tape recording and video heads, and recording heads for multiplex communication.

Generally, the crystal structure of soft ferrite is cubic spinel type, which is used in audio frequency and even very high frequency band (1 kHz–300 MHz). However, the soft magnetic material with the hexagonal magnetoplumbite crystal structure has a much higher application frequency upper limit than the spinel type.

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