What Is the Value of Using Pot Magnets?
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What Is the Value of Using Pot Magnets?

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We can supply pot magnets in a variety of sizes and performance standards, and are able to add fixtures to meet customer requirements. We make pot magnets to order.

  • What is the value of using pot magnets?

  • What is the clamping force of a pot magnet?

  • What are the advantages of pot magnets?

What is the value of using pot magnets?

Pot magnets with internally threaded rods are powerful mounting magnets (up to 250 lbs). These magnetic assemblies are made of N35 neodymium disc magnets embedded in steel pots. The steel housing creates a strong vertical magnetic pull (especially on flat iron or steel surfaces) that concentrates the magnetic force and directs it to the contact surface. One side of the pot magnet is magnetized and the other side can be used to secure the product with screws, hooks and fasteners.

The small size and high magnetic strength of pot magnets make them ideal for all types of applications that require high strength magnets. They are commonly used for heavy duty holding, mounting and fastening purposes in workstations, classrooms, offices, warehouses, for popular displays, as retrieval magnets, etc.

What is the clamping force of a pot magnet?

Pot magnets are always measured by the clamping force (which is the maximum possible pulling force that can be achieved with pot magnets). They are designed for clamping and therefore they are rated for kg pull or N pull (1 kg pull is approximately 9.81 N pull). (Although they contain magnets, it is never recommended to rate them by the strength of the magnetic field - you will be measuring a large variation across the clamping surface from the north pole in the center to the south pole around it).

Pot magnet pull is tested on a high quality thick mild steel test part. If the material being clamped is thin, the maximum pull you will get may be less than the rated pull - as the material gets thinner, the measured pull decreases further. If this happens and you need more tension, you either need to increase the thickness of the material to be clamped, or use more pot magnets to increase the tension, or you can use more and smaller pot magnets and a shallower magnetic field.

If the ferromagnetic quality of the material being clamped is poor (rusty, low permeability, bent, coated/painted, thin, webbed, etc.), the ability of the magnetism to interact with the material to produce high pulling forces is limited.

pot magnets

What are the advantages of pot magnets?

Pot magnets resist slippage better than many other magnets. As a general guideline, standard magnets require one-fifth (20%) of the direct pull to begin sliding on the surface (shear), while can magnets typically require one-third (33%) of the direct pull to begin sliding on the surface (shear). Rubber/polyurethane coated pot magnets have higher friction and therefore higher shear (typically have the ability to exceed the shear of the direct pull). Rubber coated can magnets not only have excellent resistance to sliding, they also help protect the painted/coated surface from scratching.

Can magnets do not work well when trying to clamp through a large air gap. For best can magnet performance, can magnets should be in direct contact with the mild steel they are intended to clamp (simply due to the way can magnets are designed). Again, pot magnets are not really designed for pot magnet-to-pot magnet clamping - it is possible, but we would have to produce a north-south version to get the desired attraction.

Shine Magnetics are capable of providing not only single magnet but also the unique combination of magnetism, experts and experience.

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