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What Is the Value of Using Pot Magnets?

We can supply pot magnets in a variety of sizes and performance standards, and are able to add fixtures to meet customer requirements. We make pot magnets to order. What is the value of using pot magnets?What is the clamping force of a pot magnet?What are the advantages of pot magnets?

02/ 07 / 2023
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What Is the Information About Pot Magnets?

Pot magnets work by attaching themselves to a ferromagnetic material by means of their magnetic field, or by attaching them to a non-ferromagnetic material by means of fittings on the top of their steel case (such as studs and threaded holes). The greater the pulling force of a pot magnet, the more material it can attract.

02/ 16 / 2023
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How Are Pot Magnets Made?

Pot magnets work by adhering to ferromagnetic materials with the help of their magnetic fields or by adhering to non-ferromagnetic materials with the help of fasteners on the top of their steel housing (e.g. pins and threaded holes). How are pot magnets made?What applications are there for pot magnets?

02/ 22 / 2023
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What Does the Magnetism of Pot Magnets Depend On?

Our pot magnets are housed in steel shells to ensure optimal performance while protecting the magnets from breaking or shattering during use. With a variety of mounting options, these magnets offer great versatility for a wide range of applications. What does the magnetism of pot magnets depend on?

02/ 25 / 2023
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What Are the Tips for Choosing Pot Magnets?

Pot magnets size tolerance: usually +/-0.1mm, according to different size requirements. Magnetizing direction of the pot magnet. Generally, NdFeB/ pot magnets are axially magnetized. What are the tips for choosing pot magnets?What is a pot magnet?What are the shapes of pot magnets?

03/ 26 / 2023
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What Are the Technical Advantages of Pot Magnets?

These simple looking pot magnets are carefully designed according to the physical practice of utilizing magnetic field strength, wherein the magnetic field strength is conducted through a steel pot in an alternating pole pattern; "S-N-S" or "N-S-N" is made on the holding surface of the pot magnet.

04/ 07 / 2023
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