What Is the Use Value of Ferrite Magnets?
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What Is the Use Value of Ferrite Magnets?

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Ferrite magnets are cheaper magnets commonly used in mass applications such as switches, speakers, holding magnets and motors. They are also popular because they have excellent corrosion and demagnetization properties and can be operated at temperatures of up to 300°C.

  • What is the use value of ferrite magnets?

  • What are the production characteristics of ferrite magnets?

  • What are the classifications of ferrite magnets?

What is the use value of ferrite magnets?

Ferrite magnets are ferromagnetic metal oxides. In terms of electrical properties, the specific resistance of ferrite is much greater than that of magnetic materials of metal and alloys, and it also has better dielectric properties. The magnetic properties of ferrites also show that they exhibit high permeability at high frequencies. Therefore, ferrite has become a non-metallic magnetic material widely used in the field of low high frequency current. It is a non-metallic magnetic material, which is a mixed oxide (or ferrite) of magnetic iron oxide and one or more other metal oxides. The magnetic force is usually 800-1000 Gauss, which is commonly used in speakers, speakers and other instruments.

What are the production characteristics of ferrite magnets?

Ferrite magnets can be manufactured in many shapes and sizes. Deviations from tool tolerances can be +/- 3% but they can be ground into precise and complex shapes. Very small magnets with high tolerances are available for miniature applications. Call us or contact us for your specific requirements or technical support.

Ferrite Magnets

What is the classification of ferrite magnets?

Ferrite magnets are sintered from iron oxide and other components. Generally, it can be divided into three types: permanent ferrite, soft ferrite and cyclotron ferrite.

1. Permanent ferrite, also known as ferrite magnet, is a small black magnet we usually see. Its main raw materials are iron oxide, barium carbonate or strontium carbonate. After magnetization, the residual magnetic field strength is high and can be maintained for a long time. It is usually used as permanent magnetic material. Example: Speaker magnet.

2. Soft ferrite is made of iron oxide and one or more other metal oxides (such as nickel oxide, zinc oxide, manganese oxide, magnesium oxide, barium oxide, strontium oxide, etc.) and sintered. It is called soft magnetism because when the magnetizing magnetic field disappears, there is only weak or no residual magnetic field. It is usually used as choke or iron core of intermediate frequency transformer. This is completely different from permanent ferrite.

3. Cyclotron ferrite refers to the ferrite material with cyclotron magnetism. The cyclotron magnetism of magnetic materials refers to the phenomenon that the polarization surface of linearly polarized electromagnetic wave propagates in a certain direction in the material under the action of two mutually perpendicular equivalent magnetic fields and electromagnetic fields. Cyclotron ferrite is widely used in microwave communication. According to different crystal types, cyclomagnetic ferrite can be divided into spinel ferrite, garnet ferrite and magnetic fluid ferrite (hexagonal).

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