What Is the Information About Pot Magnets?
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What Is the Information About Pot Magnets?

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Pot magnets work by attaching themselves to a ferromagnetic material by means of their magnetic field, or by attaching them to a non-ferromagnetic material by means of fittings on the top of their steel case (such as studs and threaded holes). The greater the pulling force of a pot magnet, the more material it can attract.

  • What is the information about pot magnets?

  • What is the use of pot magnets?

  • What are pot magnets?

What is the information about pot magnets?

The steel shell on a pot magnet means that it can hold more ferromagnetic material. This is because the steel pot allows the magnetic force to be contained within the casing on the ferromagnetic surface, giving a stronger magnetic pull.

Types of Magnetic Fields: Pocket Horseshoe Magnets and Rectangular Bar Magnets Magnetic Fields.

This is in contrast to a horseshoe magnet or a bar magnet, where the magnetic field lines are spread out around the magnet rather than concentrated on the surface to which the magnet itself is attached.

Magnetic lines of force in a can magnet

Because the magnetic field is concentrated in one area, it does not allow the magnet to attract ferromagnetic material over a large air gap. This is because the magnetic field lines do not extend beyond the sides of the housing.

Magnetic pull of the cap pot magnet on the steel sheet

The pull force of the pot magnet attracts the ferromagnetic material to the magnet, holding it in place. The greater the pulling force of the pot magnet, the more material it can attract.

Neodymium magnet bar with chip coating

The pulling force of a magnet is determined by many different factors. For example, the way the magnet is coated and any damage that may occur to the magnet's surface.

pot magnets

What is the use of pot magnets?

Pot magnets are made of N35 neodymium magnets encased in a nickel-plated steel housing.

The pot magnets are magnetized on one side and have a strong magnetic pull.

Pot magnets are plated with three layers of Ni-Cu-Ni (nickel + copper + nickel) using an electrolysis-based process for maximum protection against corrosion and oxidation.

Female threaded stem to accommodate standard screws from M4 to M10, as well as hooks and fasteners.

Pot magnets are axially magnetized (by thickness).

What are pot magnets?

Neodymium magnets can be made in different shapes/dimensions according to custom requirements. Neodymium magnets or NdFeB pot magnets are round/block magnets with an iron shell assembly. All NdFeB pot magnet size and magnetic force are customized according to customer's requirements.

Such as pot magnet hook magnet, pot magnet fishing magnet, pot magnet rubber coating magnet, pot magnet pin magnet/office magnet, pot magnet magnetic lifter, pot magnet magnetic tool, etc.

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