What Does the Magnetism of Pot Magnets Depend On?
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What Does the Magnetism of Pot Magnets Depend On?

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Our pot magnets are housed in steel shells to ensure optimal performance while protecting the magnets from breaking or shattering during use. With a variety of mounting options, these magnets offer great versatility for a wide range of applications.

  • What does the magnetism of pot magnets depend on?

  • What is the difference between pot magnets and other products of the same type?

  • What is the special feature of pot magnets?

What does the magnetism of pot magnets depend on?

Pot magnets: the material of the magnetic core

The magnetic force depends on the material of the core. The cheapest but also the weakest variant is the ferrite magnet. On the other hand, ferrite magnets are very strong and corrosion resistant, so they can also be used outdoors.

High energy magnets are neodymium magnets and samarium cobalt magnets. They are typically used where very high holding or adhesion forces are required and where the size is very small. Both variants are rare earth alloys. Samarium Cobalt magnets can be used at very high and very low temperatures and are more resistant to corrosion than Neodymium magnets. They are more expensive because of the limited availability of their raw materials. NdFeB magnets are less brittle.

Handling high energy magnets requires certain safety precautions. For example, you should not use them near children.

pot magnets

What is the difference between pot magnets and other products of the same type?

Easy to attach for secure connection, lifting or gripping, pot magnets are ideal and removable for attachment - not only for metal, factories, trade fairs or store buildings. Deep pot magnets are perfect for holding objects securely to a metal surface.

Pot magnets are available with neodymium and ferrite cores, with threaded bushings, countersunk or cylindrical holes or external threads. As counterparts to pot magnets on non-metallic surfaces, you can also get from us metal pans for screwing on and metal pans for sticking on.

What is the special feature of pot magnets?

Pot magnets are pot magnets and deep pot magnets made of neodymium and ferrite.The special feature of pot magnets is that the adhesion is increased by means of a metal pot. The magnetic core is located in it, so that the bonding surface remains free. Therefore, the adhesion force acts only on one side of the magnet. The pot changes the magnetic flux and thus increases the force. As a result, even relatively small magnets can adhere very firmly. 

Pot magnets are versatile and suitable for both commercial and private use. For example, they can be used as clamping magnets for transporting steel and iron parts in industrial applications. This is why people also talk about deep pots. These magnets are also very suitable for strong fasteners that can be quickly removed without drilling. Whether they are used for trade fairs and store construction or as assembly magnets in private homes for hobbies and other uses.

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