What Are the Tips for Choosing Pot Magnets?
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What Are the Tips for Choosing Pot Magnets?

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Pot magnets size tolerance: usually +/-0.1mm, according to different size requirements. Magnetizing direction of the pot magnet. Generally, NdFeB/ pot magnets are axially magnetized.

  • What are the tips for choosing pot magnets?

  • What is a pot magnet?

  • What are the shapes of pot magnets?

What are the tips for choosing pot magnets?

There are many ways to categorize pot magnets, so users can select the category first and then choose the specific product that fits their application scenario.

For potential users who have zero experience with pot magnets, it will be easier for them to make a decision in a shorter period of time if they have more knowledge about the magnets used in these products, even if they are using pot magnets for the first time:

In all our pot magnets, we mainly use neodymium magnets and ferrite magnets, where ferrite is a much weaker magnetic material than neodymium (NdFeB), but much cheaper than NdFeB.

Therefore, to get the same holding power, the diameter of pot magnets using ferrite is larger than those using NdFeB. You can choose whether a larger magnet or a smaller magnet is more suitable depending on how the pot magnet fits into the other components, if any.

For two pot magnets of the same size, the NdFeB version is much more expensive and produces a stronger force. When the user has a low budget, the ferrite version is a good choice. NdFeB can magnets go into operation requiring a high margin of safety.

pot magnets

What is a pot magnet?

A pot magnet is a set of magnetic components that uses a metal pot to implement a magnetic circuit design that concentrates most of the magnetic energy on the edge of the metal pot, producing a strong holding force on that side.

Using this primary design, pot magnets are available in a variety of sizes, basically larger sizes mean higher holding power.

Screw holes, countersunk holes, through holes, etc. are made in the pot magnet to facilitate installation work. Accessories such as threaded bushings and clips are added to allow the pot magnet to be used in a wider variety of working environments.

What are the shapes of pot magnets?

You can purchase pot magnets in different mounting forms.

- Countersunk pot magnets

The pot magnets have a continuous hole with internal threads in the middle. If there is also a countersunk hole, nothing will protrude using a suitable countersunk screw.

- Pot magnets with threaded bushings

Magnets with a non-continuous threaded socket on the back are screwed onto a pin with an external thread. A variant with threaded pins is also available for screwing into the sockets.

If none of these mounting options are available, the magnet can also be glued into a suitable opening. Various versions have a hook or eyelet on the non-adhesive side for easy and flexible attachment to metal surfaces.

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