What Are the Characteristics of Using Pot Magnets?
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What Are the Characteristics of Using Pot Magnets?

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Pot magnets are permanent magnets encased in a steel shell, sometimes referred to as a pot shape, hence the name "pot" magnet. Permanent magnets do not require any electrical current to emit a magnetic field. Pot magnets are commonly used as magnetic bases and magnetic holders for ceiling signs in large supermarkets.

  • What is the value of using pot magnets?

  • What are pot magnets used for?

  • What are the characteristics of using pot magnets?

  • What are the typical pot magnet fixtures and accessories?

What is the value of using pot magnets?

We offer pot magnets with different adhesion forces. Our strongest pot magnets have an adhesion force of 180 kg! These super magnets are perfect for screwing into primers. Even the smaller pot magnets are very strong. Therefore, they are often used as mounting magnets or strong bonding magnets. They are used, for example, for model making, booth building or metal building. They can also be used to grip objects.

What are pot magnets used for?

A. Living consumption: clothing, bags, leather cases, cups, gloves, jewelry, pillows, fish tanks, photo frames, watches;

B. Electronic products: keyboards, electronic cigarettes, monitors, smart bracelets, computers, mobile phones, sensors, GPS trackers, Bluetooth, cameras, audio, LEDs;

C. Household categories: locks, tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, curtains, windows, knives, lighting, hooks, ceilings;

D. Mechanical equipment and automation: motors, drones, elevators, security monitoring, dishwashers, magnetic cranes, magnetic filters.

pot magnets

What are the characteristics of using pot magnets?

Pot magnets are special magnets, especially larger magnets, used as industrial magnets in industry. The core of pot magnets is made of neodymium and is sunk into a steel pot to enhance the adhesion of the magnet. This is why they are called "pot" magnets. They usually have a centered drilled and countersunk hole that allows them to be screwed firmly into the primer. Please note that the adhesion of the indicated pot magnets is measured perpendicular to the primer. Stronger magnets may be required to secure to the wall. In this case, please contact us for personal advice.

What are the typical pot magnet fixtures and accessories?

Due to variations in ferromagnetic cup housing design, pot magnets allow a variety of ways to secure them to customer components. Pot magnets can include threaded rods (male threads), threaded holes in the housing material (female threaded holes/bumpers/threaded bushings/female threads), countersunk holes for screws, countersunk holes for bolts, and even blind ends for simple bonding in place - some versions are even precision ground on the outside diameter for an interference fit. 

Potted magnets offer advantages over conventional magnets, with which you cannot attach threads to the magnets themselves because they are too brittle and therefore cannot withstand the forces required for threading.

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