Power Small Square Magnetic Chuck
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We provide not only magnet itself but also the new concepts,sharp-edge production technology, specialized magnetic solution. 
Ningbo Shine keeps it renew in S-U-N methods


Power Small Square Magnetic Chuck

  • PMC A series


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The unique cross magnetic circuit desiqn further met the high requirements for the fixing precision a nd installation adjustment time of the workpiece to be processed by CNC,digital and normal milling machineengraving machines and etc.The product could improve the work efficiency in a large margin. With the constant.uniform and predictable featuresthe operators could replace the work pieces quid ckly and achieve the manchining of five sides ofthe work pieces.Moreover,with the help of our product,the workpiece to be processed could extend ours ide of the working platformwhich cound save more than 80% of the supporting timeThe unique cross magnetic structure has endowed the magnetic c huck with strong magnetic forcewhich is intensive and consistentThe strong magnetic field could help the work piece to release their inner stress and ensure the high precision requirements of the work pieces in the milling process could be achieved.

The magnetic poles are in the square matrix structure and the magnetic beams are cross-intersectir ng with each otherwhich has evenly penetrated into the bottom of the workpieceTogether with the halllow and intensive distribution of the magneitc force e,the product could firmly absorb the think plane workpiece with the thickness above 2mm to ensure they could be machining preciselyWith the mag netic form generated from high energy magnetic material(Nd-Fe-B),the product has the features like no time limitno energy consumptionno heat ge enerationenvironmental freesafeuser-friendly practical and etc.

Power Square Magnetic Chuck

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