CNC Machining Center Work Holding Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck
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CNC Machining Center Work Holding Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck

  • EP series


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Product Introduction

Our magnetic chuck is made of high-quality materials and can withstand the requirements of heavy grinding. Its sturdy structure makes it a reliable tool and partner for your production facility.

With its strong magnetic force, it can firmly fix workpieces of different sizes, shapes, lengths, and thicknesses, prevent any unnecessary movement during the processing, and experience higher productivity and efficiency.

Product Name Brand Power Poles number Usage
Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck SHINE Electric Customzied Metal cutting, CNC machining center
Specification Series

EP50 series: magnetic pole size 50x50mm, suction force of each magnetic pole is 380kg, suitable for workpieces with a minimum size of 250X250mm and a thickness of over 10mm, thinner and medium thickness workpieces, normal working air gap

EP50-series Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck

EP75 series: magnetic pole size 75x75mm, with a suction force of 750kg per pole, suitable for workpieces with a minimum size of 400x400mm and a thickness of 18mm or above. Suitable for workpieces with medium thickness, normal working air gap

EP75-series Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck

Production Configuration


① EP chuck

② Fixed parts

③ Pothook 1 PC

④ Power cable with 3 meters

⑤ Control unit with remote controller

⑥ Cable with 3 meters for the chuck and control unit


① Extend cable

② Pole extension

③ Other sizes and types on request

Packaging & Shipping

Export Standard Cartons are supplied with foam well protected. We can make the packages according to customer's request.
Standard sea and air packages are availabl





Our Services

① Great value enjoyment

To our customers, we always provide magnets in good quality, competitive prices, fast response, professional suggestions.

② First-rate service

We can proceed to develop and test the solutions before mass production, working with you or on your behalf.

③ First-class quality

We strive for high quality raw material, stable costs and help our suppliers to grow up with us.

④ Sustainable development

We stress all efforts to build sustainable business relations with partners

Advantages of electric permanent magnetic chuck
  1. Flexibility: One clamping can complete five sided machining, and the range of workpiece processing can be larger than the size of the suction cup; Strong and uniform magnetic force, high machining accuracy. The maximum suction of the table can reach 17 kgf/cm2; It is twice as large as ordinary magnetic chuck, and can adsorb all ordinary steel and mold steel well.

  2. Safety and energy saving: The processing process does not require electrical energy, avoiding the danger of magnetic force loss and workpiece falling off due to sudden power failure and off-line damage of the electromagnetic system, without thermal deformation, effectively ensuring processing accuracy and energy saving; Good waterproof performance, not afraid of spraying oily or water-based liquids such as chip oil; Demagnetization is clean and does not produce magnetization effects on the workpiece.

  3. Efficiency: Convenient and fast installation, shortening production cycle, and improving production efficiency.

  4. Low cost: The machine tool does not require any changes, reduces tool wear, and has no maintenance costs.

The solution of the irregular workpiece
Irregular artifact solution
Irregular artifact solution
Irregular artifact solution
  • The flexible pole extensions are originating from the need to clamp workpieces with iregular or warpedsurfaces.

  • Using EP series,Which can generatea high force concentration even with pole extension of considerable height, flexible pole extension has been developed capable of adjusting itself to the workpiece to be clamped and to lock it firmly with no deformation.

  • The standard solution foresees the use of 3 fixed pole extensions and a suitable number of flexible ones, bolted to the generator poles, in order to achieve the best contact surface with the workpiece.

EP Magnetic Chuck


Control unit


Magnetic chucks have strong magnetic force, high accuracy, and durability, making them very suitable for industrial processing such as surface grinders, milling machines, machining centers, electric discharge machining (EDM) machines, and engraving machines. They are used to process workpieces of different sizes, sizes, and shapes, improving work efficiency.
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