Neodymium Magnets Used in Laptop
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Neodymium Magnets Used in Laptop


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Product Introduction

With the advent of the information age, computers are one of the essential tools in daily life and office work. There are many electronic components and accessories that use neodymium magnets, such as:

Speaker speaker

Using a magnet as a medium to convert current fluctuations into sound. Most laptops use mid to high-end speakers, most of which use neodymium magnets, with performance mostly being N40H and N42H.

Hard drive

The hard drive in laptops is driven by a motor, which contains strong magnets of neodymium iron boron.

Shell magnet

There are bar magnets installed in the front frame of the laptop and the upper cover of the host, which can make the laptop close tightly and conveniently, with performance mostly being N35 and N42.

Magnet Attribute Parameter
Main Application Accessories such as speakers, hard drives, and cooling fans in laptops
Place of Origin Ningbo, China
Grade From N35 to N52
Type of Coating Ni Coating, Zn Coating
Material NdFeB Magnet
Working Temperature From -20°C to 80°C
Processing Service Shaping, Sintering, Cutting, Plating
Tolerance +/-0.05
Re: The data above is only for your reference. Please contact us for more details.
Application Area

Consumer electronics: Electronics are one of the traditional applications of high-performance neodymium magnets. Taking smartphones as an example, there are over 10 components using neodymium magnets,

For example, microphones, micro speakers/receivers, vibration motors, wireless chargers, Bluetooth headphones, phone camera focusing, sensors, and so on. With the progress of science and technology, more and more smartphone accessories are made of neodymium magnets.


Different Shapes of Neodymium Magnets

Below are some common shapes of neodymium magnets. If you need special shapes, please contact us, and we can also provide you with professional solutions for customization!


Packaging & Shipping

Export Standard Cartons are supplied with foam well protected. We can make the packages according to customer's request.
Standard sea and air packages are available.





Magnetization Direction

The following are the conventional magnetization methods. If there are special magnetization requirements, please contact us for consultation!


Properties Chart

*Shine Magnetics made the mass production of neodymium magnet(N52,N52M,N52H, N48SH, N45UH, N40EH, 33AH). We owns the most complete set of manufacturing facilities for timely producing tailored magnets that customer need.

*The highest grade of shine neodymium magnets retain a max working temperature of 220℃.

*After 168 hours of HAST test ( 2atm, 100%RH, 120℃) on the no coating N45SH NdFeB magnet, the weight loss is less than 3 mg/cm³. We always produce NdFeB magnets with high anti corrosion characters and low temperature coefficiency.



Permanent Magnets Properties Chart

Permanent Magnets Properties Chart

Physical Properties
Density 7.4 ~7.7 g /cm ³ Hardness 560 ~ 650 HV
Resistivity 120 ~ 160UΩ Thermal Conductivity 7 ~ 10 W / MC
Max Working Temperature 80 ~ 240 ℃ Curie Temperature 320 ~ 395 ℃
Br Temperature Coefficient 0.08 ~ 0.12% / ℃ iHC Temperature Coefficient 0.34 ~ 0.75% / ℃
Compressive Strength 1000 ~ 3000 N / mm ³ Bending Strength 250~ 400 N / mm ³
Young's Modulus 150~160 KN Situation Magnetization 30 ~ 40 MGOe
Magnetic Properties Parameters


Test Instruments

Shine Magnetics has focused on quality control since its founding. Necessary and strict checks and tests are taken in all production processes to make sure any products made by us are trouble free. To work with Shine Magnetics is to get the most reliable supplier of magnetic products. It goes without saying that our magnetic products comply with the highest quality standards. We are working continually to improve the quality and process of the products.

Neodymium Test Instruments

B-H Curver


Plating Testing

Following Tests Could be made as per customers’requirements:

HAST Test: Test Condition: 132.9℃, 95% humidity, 2.9 ATM, 7 days
Weight Loss: 3mg/cm2

Regular Coatings

The common plating types of neodymium magnets include nickel plating, zinc plating, and black epoxy.


Production Process Of Sintered Nd FeB Magnet


About Us

We are a creative magnetic solution supplier. We specializes in researching, developing and producing magnets and magnetic products used in different industrial and customers`applications. Relying on right knowledge and experience in the field, aiming at the potential demands from customers, integrating the intelligence of our know-how experts, We have produced well recognized magnetic products.



Our product testing meets quality standards.

We are constantly trying to improve ourselves in new thoughts, new technology and new working methods.
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