How Are Pot Magnets Made?
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How Are Pot Magnets Made?

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Pot magnets work by adhering to ferromagnetic materials with the help of their magnetic fields or by adhering to non-ferromagnetic materials with the help of fasteners on the top of their steel housing (e.g. pins and threaded holes).

  • How are pot magnets made?

  • What applications are there for pot magnets?

  • How to choose the most suitable pot magnet for your application?

How are pot magnets made?

In our case, we do not produce the original magnets, but purchase them from our suppliers. In our shop we manufacture metal pots with holes, threaded bushings, clips etc. Then we glue the magnet and the metal pot together to form a pot magnet.

It is not true that any combination of magnets and metal pots can make a good pot magnet. These pot magnets go beyond the design of the magnetic circuit and countless experiments to get the final specifications.

We need to make sure the magnet or metal pot meets all specifications, with our ISO9001 certified manufacturing system and quality system playing an important role.

The adhesives we use have been selected after many tests and comparisons and have proven to be the most effective in bonding magnets to metal.

We use an automated assembly line where all assembly work is controlled by a computer program to ensure accuracy. In the manual assembly lines, we have installed automations to cover these critical steps and avoid possible human errors. We produce millions of pot magnets every year and through the use of automated machines we maintain a consistently high level of quality for all pot magnets we manufacture.

pot magnets

What applications are there for pot magnets?

This can be, for example, a label, a poster, a tool, a Christmas wreath, a piece of paper, etc. if you want to hold something permanently or temporarily to secure something in place.

More importantly, if you want to do this simply, you may want to choose from our wide range of pot magnets. Pot magnet manufacturer and pot magnet supplier Weizhong Magnet Co.,Ltd has equipped pot magnets in different sizes, forces and with different accessories to best meet the application requirements.

How to choose the most suitable pot magnet for your application?

Basically, the first thing to consider is the gripping force – it corresponds to the weight of the object you are trying to hold. More importantly, for safety reasons, if you are holding heavy objects, you should choose a pot magnet such as a ferrite pot magnet, which provides more power than the weight of the object. It is recommended to increase the strength of the pot magnet by at least another 10% but the higher the safer as long as it is within your budget.

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