What is the role of neodymium magnets?
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What is the role of neodymium magnets?

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Neodymium is a rare metal that acts as a strong magnet. They are considered the strongest in terms of their product quality. Even smaller neodymium magnets are capable of supporting thousands of times the mass of their own product. Even though it's a powerful magnet, neodymium is affordable. These factors have increased the popularity of these types of magnets and their widespread use in a variety of applications in the contemporary world.

What is the role of neodymium magnets? How do people usually use the effect of neodymium magnets? For us, the number of times we use strong magnets in our daily life can be said to be very high. Because of the function of strong magnets, many products can also be used. Strong magnets have become an important part of today's society. Strong magnets come in all shapes, sizes and strength grades.

This can often be confusing when deciding on the compressive strength of strong magnets needed for a new project. Among the strong magnets that can be used in today's society, neodymium magnets have received widespread attention, and many people realize the importance of neodymium magnets because of its good performance.

neodymium magnets

First, what does it do?

Compared with ordinary strong magnets, neodymium magnets are generally called the king of strong magnets, precisely because they have higher attraction and capacity than strong magnets, and they also have some unique functions of their own. Therefore, neodymium magnets are sometimes used to make compasses. We all know that the great role of the compass in our lives, the effect of neodymium magnets can be said to be particularly great.

How we make the most of it?

In addition to the application of the compass often encountered in life, people can also replace the strong magnets in some electrical appliances in daily life with neodymium magnets. It can also be seen as a strong magnet, which can be said to be very useful.

China is currently the world's largest exporter of neodymium. They can meet about 80% of the world's demand. After their discovery in the 1970s, their demand experienced a marked increase. Also known as NIB magnet, the magnetic level is between N24 and N55, and the maximum can reach 64. Magnetic compressive strength is adjusted by the manufacturer on request.

Magnets are susceptible to operating temperature differences and even lose their operating temperature at high temperatures. However, you can also find many unique neodymium magnets in today's society that can operate at very high operating temperatures. The relatively low weight of these magnets compared to other magnets impresses the industry that uses them.

The importance of neodymium magnets in wind turbines and other industries is because neodymium magnets are strong, their use is widespread. You can find neodymium for industrial production and commercial demand. The application of these magnets in wind farms can be considered a good example of this fact. Wind turbines require powerful, efficient, affordable and lightweight motors, and neodymium is the best element to manufacture such motors. Because the number of wind farms in the world today is rapidly increasing, the demand for neodymium is increasing from every corner of the globe.

Neodymium magnets are also used in large quantities to manufacture electric motors for hybrid vehicles. In addition to this, you can find them in many experimental suspensions, installation tools, treasure hunts, oil filters and fixtures.

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