What is the Definition of Ferrite Magnets?
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What is the Definition of Ferrite Magnets?

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Ferrite magnets are non-metallic magnetic materials, also known as magnetic ceramics. We dismantle the traditional radio and the speaker magnet inside is made of ferrite.

  • What is the definition of ferrite magnets?

  • What is the use value of ferrite magnets?

  • What are the classifications of ferrite magnets?

What is the definition of ferrite magnets?

Magnetic ceramics, also known as ferrites, refer to magnetic composite oxide materials consisting of iron ions, oxygen ions and other metal ions, and there are some magnetic oxides that do not contain iron.

What is the use value of ferrite magnets?

Ferrite magnets are a very versatile functional material. As one of the basic materials in the electronics industry, it has developed strongly in recent years. Many new types of magnetic ceramics have been researched and developed, such as power ferrites with high frequency and low power consumption for switching power supplies, broadband microwave absorption ferrites, nanocrystalline magnetic ceramics with high coercive field strength, superconducting and magnetically ordered materials of R2CuO2 type, magnetic cooling at room temperature materials etc. These materials are more powerful and versatile. Their development will certainly play an important role in promoting the development of electronics, computers, automatic controls and other industries.


What are the classifications of ferrite magnets?

Heart magnetic

Hard magnetic magnetic ceramic, also known as permanent magnetic ceramic, is a kind of magnetic ceramic with large coercive force Hc, which is not easy to demagnetize after magnetization and retains magnetism for a long time. High ( T), high maximum magnetic energy (8000.40000 J m-3). The most important hard magnetic ceramics usually belong to the magnetoplumbite structure, such as Ba-Ferrite, Sr-Ferrite, Pb-Ferrite and their complexes. In addition, co-ferrite, which belongs to the spinel type, is also used as a hard magnetic material due to its large lattice anisotropy [3].

Magnetic bubble

Magnetic bubbles are circular domains in magnetic ceramics that are perpendicular to the film. The diameter is 1,100 μm and looks like a bubble, so it is vividly referred to as a "magnetic bubble". The magnetic bubble material is a new type of magnetic storage material, and the two information states "1" and "o" are represented by "presence" and "absence" of "bubble". The generation, disappearance, transmission, splitting of "bubbles" and interaction between magnetic bubbles are controlled by circuits and magnetic fields, and functions such as information storage, memory and logical operations are realized. Magnetic bubble storage devices have a large capacity, small size and low power consumption. The advantages of high reliability.


It is a magnetic ceramic that uses magnetostriction to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy or mechanical energy into electrical energy, also known as magnetostrictive material. The main pressure ferrites are Ni-Zn, Ni-Cu, Ni-Mg and Ni-Co ferrites, of which Ni-Zn ferrites are the most widely used. Piezoelectric ferrites are mainly used in ultrasonic devices, underwater acoustic devices, mechanical filters and some telecommunication devices.

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