What Equipment Can Ferrite Magnets Be for?
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What Equipment Can Ferrite Magnets Be for?

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Ferrite magnet is a kind of ferromagnetic metal oxide. In terms of electrical properties, the resistivity of ferrite magnet is far greater than that of element metal or alloy magnetic materials, and it has high dielectric properties.

  • What equipment can ferrite magnets be used for?

  • What are the production characteristics of ferrite magnets?

  • What does a ferrite magnet do?

What equipment can ferrite magnets be used for?

Ferrite magnets are widely used in high Q filters, tuning filters, load coils, impedance matching transformers, proximity sensors and other fields. Broadband ferrite magnet is also called high permeability ferrite magnet, with the permeability of 5000, 10000 and 15000 respectively.

Ferrite magnet has the characteristics of low loss, high permeability and high impedance/frequency.

Ferrite magnets are widely used in common mode filters, saturated inductors, current transformers, leakage protectors, insulation transformers, signal and pulse transformers, broadband transformers, electromagnetic interference and other fields. The power ferrite magnet has a high saturation flux density of 4000-5000gs. It has low loss/frequency relationship and low loss/temperature relationship. That is to say, when the frequency increases, the loss will not increase too much; With the increase of temperature, the loss has little change.

Ferrite magnet is widely used in power coil, parallel filter, chopper power transformer, chopper power inductor and power factor correction circuit.

Ferrite Magnets

What are the production characteristics of ferrite magnets?

Ferrite magnets were prepared by ceramic process using sro or bao and iron oxide as raw materials. It is also known as a hard ferrite magnet. Once magnetized, it can keep the magnetic material constant. The hysteresis loop is wide, the coercive force is high, and the remanence is high. Due to the low price of raw materials and relatively simple production process, the price of finished products is relatively low compared with other magnets. 

The main raw material of ferrite magnet is oxide, so it is not corroded by environment or chemical substances (except strong acid), so the surface does not need electroplating. In addition, the Curie temperature of ferrite permanent magnet is higher than that of rare earth permanent magnet. It is widely used in electronics, information, motorcycles, electric tools, automobiles and other industries.

What does a ferrite magnet do?

Ferrite beads can not only be used for high-frequency noise filtering in power circuits (can be used for DC and AC output), but also be widely used in other circuits, and their size can be greatly reduced. Especially in the digital circuit, because the pulse signal contains high-frequency harmonics, it is also the main high-frequency radiation source in the circuit. In this case, it can act as a magnetic bead. Ferrite magnetic beads are also widely used in the noise filtering of signal cables.

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