What Are the Applications for SmCo Magnets?
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What Are the Applications for SmCo Magnets?

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SmCo magnets are made of samarium, cobalt and iron. These rare earth magnets are small, have a metallic appearance and simple shapes such as rings, blocks and discs, which makes them very strong.

  • What are the applications for SmCo magnets?

  • What information is there about SmCo magnets?

  • What are the precautions for using SmCo magnets?

What are the applications for SmCo magnets?

Compared to NdFeB magnets, the biggest feature of samarium cobalt magnets is their excellent corrosion and oxidation protection properties. Therefore, they do not require coating.

Due to the excellent performance, we hardly see samarium cobalt magnets in everyday objects. They are mainly used in aerospace, defense, microwave equipment, communications, medical equipment, instruments and measuring instruments, various magnetic transmission devices, sensors, magnetic processors, voice coil motors and magnetic cranes.

BH (max) ranges from 16 MGOe to 32 MGOe. Therefore, it is the only rare earth magnet that can match inferior sintered neodymium magnets.

Samarium Cobalt Magnets

The high temperature resistance of samarium cobalt magnets is 250°C to 350°C and the Curie temperature 700°C to 840°C. This makes samarium cobalt magnets special, high magnetic power, high operating temperature.

However, if you need an aesthetically pleasing coating or improved corrosion protection, nickel, zinc, gold or epoxy or other coatings are available.

What information is there about SmCo magnets?

1. Tolerance

For pressed materials, the thickness tolerance (magnetization direction) is ± 0.005. Other dimensions are ± 2.5% or ± 0.010, depending on which value is greater.

Optical defects such as fine line cracks, pores and small chips are often found in sintered metal magnets. Grooved edges are considered acceptable if no more than 10% of the surface is missing. Cracks are acceptable as long as they do not exceed 50% of the pole surface.

2. Magnetization and handling

Samarium cobalt magnets are very brittle and strongly magnetic. Therefore, these magnets must be handled with extreme care to avoid injury and damage to the magnet. Fingers can be difficult to pinch between attracting magnets. If the magnet is allowed to "jump" on the attracting object, the magnet breaks. When building rare earth magnetic assemblies, it is strongly recommended to magnetize them after assembly.

3. Processing of samarium cobalt

Since the magnetic material samarium cobalt tends to flake and crack, it is not suitable for conventional processing methods. However, it can be ground, but only with a large amount of coolant. Coolant minimizes the risk of fire through thermal cracking and oxidizing abrasive dust.

What are the precautions for using SmCo magnets?

Samarium cobalt magnets chip easily. Protective glasses must be worn during handling.

The collision of the magnets could cause the magnets to break, which could be potentially dangerous.

Samarium cobalt is made by a process called sintering, and all materials are sintered, and there is a high probability that cracks will develop inside. The magnet has no mechanical integrity, but only has the function of preparing a magnetic field. Therefore, special mechanical systems must be developed to give the overall system sufficient mechanical reliability.

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