What Are the Advantages of Using Ferrite Magnets?
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What Are the Advantages of Using Ferrite Magnets?

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Due to the wide application of ferrite and its low price, many manufacturers have ready-made rings, squares and other products in conventional shapes and sizes to choose from. Since ferrite is a ceramic material, there is basically no corrosion problem. The finished product does not need any surface treatment or painting like electroplating.

  • What are the properties of ferrite magnets?

  • What are the magnetic properties of ferrite magnets?

  • What are the characteristics of the manufacture of ferrite magnets?

What are the properties of ferrite magnets?

The magnetic power of ferrite is not high, and the actual magnetic energy product (one of the parameters used to measure the power of a magnet) can only be slightly higher than 4 MGOe. The big advantage of this material is that it is cheap. Currently, it is still widely used in many fields.

Ferrite is a ceramic, so its processing power is similar to that of ceramics. ferrite magnets are shaped and sintered. If machining is required, only simple grinding is needed. Because of the difficulty of machining, most ferrite products have simple shapes and large dimensional tolerances. The cube-shaped product is fine and can be ground. Circular, usually only two planes are ground. Other dimensional tolerances are given as a percentage of the nominal dimension.

Ferrite Magnets

What are the magnetic properties of ferrite magnets?

The magnetism of ferrite magnets comes from the magnetic moments of atoms, which are characterised by the orbital movement of electrons around the nucleus. On the one hand, the electrons outside the nucleus move along a certain orbit around the nucleus, and due to electromagnetic induction, a magnetic moment of the orbit is generated. On the other hand, the electron itself still spins continuously and generates a magnetic spin moment, and the magnetic moment of the atom is the sum of these two magnetic moments.

In some substances there is a special interaction that can influence the relative directional arrangement of the magnetic moments of the magnetic atoms and ions in the substance. In substances with this strong effect at lower temperatures, the magnetic moments can form an ordered arrangement. There are various arrangements of magnetic moments in matter, among which ferromagnetism, ferrignetism and antiferromagnetism are arranged in order.

What are the characteristics of the production of ferrite magnets?

Although the performance of ferrite magnets is closely related to the four links of raw materials, formulation, shaping and sintering, it is also an important research topic of ferrite process principles. However, the properties of ferrite materials produced using the same raw material and process are very different. This is mainly due to the differences in the specific quality of each specific process element (such as ball milling, moulding and sintering, etc.). Therefore, a key issue in improving ferrite materials is to fully exploit the role of each process member and improve quality.

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