Round Ferrite Pot Magnet With Inside Threaded Rod
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Round Ferrite Pot Magnet With Inside Threaded Rod

  • RPM-TD


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Ferrite pot magnets (also called ceramic pot magnets) consists of ferrite magnets (or ceramic magnets) and metal shell outside.

Ferrite magnets are the most popular permanent magnets due to low prices. Metal shell is conductive to magnetics. All sides of ferrite magnets are enclosured by iron shell except for the working side. The design is helpful to greatly enhance the magnetic force, thus the pull force of ferrite pot magnets is times higher than the single ferrite magnets in the same size.

In addition, the metal shell could protect ferrite magnets from breaking in application. The metal pot is normally plated in Zinc. There is no need to plate ferrite magnets because it is not as easy to get rusty as neodymium magnets.

The pot magnets are widely used to hold tools, signes, lamps, metal parts of machinery etc. We can make pot magnets in different shapes and sizes.

Round base with inside threaded rod

Ferrite round base magnet with internal threaded rod. 

These ferrite magnets base are used to hold kitchen tool or self-made doors, LED flood light, speaker, also found in applications requiring a strong holding device or the ability to attach a post or hook to hang inspection equipment, indicator gauges, signs, antennas and other items.
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