Neodymium Magnet Triangle Chamfers Strips
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Neodymium Magnet Triangle Chamfers Strips

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Magnet chamfers strips consist of steel and Neodymium Magnets,also known as magnet steel chamfer or Magnetic Chamfer strip, quite useful in the precast civil engineeringThere are strong neodymium magnets in the chamfer that ideal to catch steel precast formwork without weld or screw works.

Shine magnetics produce either 50% magnetic length or 100% magnetic length magnet chamfer. Shine magnetics can not only produce single surface with Neodymium Magnet but also double surface types. This magnet chamfers are refer to steel chamfers with magnets. The magnet chamfer are designed for the application of prefabricate 45° bevelled edges on the precast concrete slabs. The magnet chamfer are reusable as their convenient removal after the use.

Neodymium Magnet Chamfers Strips

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