Neodmium Push Pin Magnets
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We provide not only magnet itself but also the new concepts,sharp-edge production technology, specialized magnetic solution. 
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Neodmium Push Pin Magnets


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Push pin magnets consists of neodymium magnets and steel shell. It is widely used in office and household to fix papers, and other substance.  Due to the strong magnetic force of neodymium magnets, push pin magnets made by shine magnetics could hold 12 to 50 pieces A4 paper. The side breakaway force of our D42 could reach 15kgs. The neodymium magnets is strongest permanent magnets. It also means that the magnetic force of push pin magnets will always last provided that the magnets is kept proper. 

The most popular color of push pin magnets is silver (Ni plating). We can provide push pin magnets in customized colors such as gold, black etc. We can also make the push pin magnets in different shapes as per customers' requirements

push pin neodymium magnets

We are constantly trying to improve ourselves in new thoughts, new technology and new working methods.
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