How to choose and use neodymium magnets on motors
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How to choose and use neodymium magnets on motors

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Permanent magnet motors use permanent magnets to generate the motor's magnetic field without the need for field coils or field current. It has high efficiency and simple structure. This is a good energy saving motor. With the emergence of high-performance permanent magnet materials and the rapid development of control technology, the application of permanent magnet motors will become more and more extensive. Due to the excellent magnetic properties of rare earth permanent magnet materials, a strong permanent magnetic field can be established without additional energy after magnetization. 

The rare earth permanent magnet motor made by replacing the electric field of the traditional magnetic rotor not only has high efficiency, but also has a simple structure, reliable operation, small size and light weight. It can not only achieve high performance (such as ultra-high efficiency, ultra-high speed, ultra-high response speed) that traditional excitation motors cannot achieve, but also can manufacture special motors that meet specific operating requirements, such as elevator traction motors, automotive special motors, etc. Permanent magnet motors basically need to use neodymium magnets, and then a friend asked, what are the magnets used in the motors produced by your company? Today I will talk to you about this issue.

eodymium magnets on motors

Neodymium magnet products include: permanent magnet couplings, magnetic assemblies, permanent magnet couplings, and magnet assemblies are widely used in various transmission coupling devices. The permanent magnet coupling breaks the mechanical transmission structure of the traditional coupling, adopts a new magnetic coupling principle, and realizes the non-contact transmission between the driving shaft and the driven shaft, and has the advantages of no wear and no vibration transmission. 

Neodymium magnet products include linear motor guides, magnetic assemblies, linear motor guides and magnetic assemblies. The free body of a U-channel synchronous linear motor. A U-channel linear motor has two parallel magnet tracks facing each other with a ram between the plates. The press is supported in the magnetic track by means of a bearing system. The thrusters are ironless, which means there is no attraction force, and no interfering forces are created between the indenter and the magnetic track. Ironless coil assemblies are lightweight and allow very high accelerations. Typically, the coil windings are three-phase with brushless commutation.

Higher performance can be achieved by adding air cooling to the motor, and there is even a water-cooled version. This design is more suitable for reducing flux leakage because the magnets face each other and are accommodated in the U-shaped channel. The design also minimizes the risk of injury from strong magnetic attraction. The track design allows them to be combined to increase stroke length, the only limitations on operating length are the length of the cable management system; the encoder lengths available; and the ability to machine large flat structures.

When the permanent magnet motor is running, the motor will generate harmonics, and the magnet will generate the skin effect, which will bring a lot of eddy current losses. Then, the temperature of the permanent magnets increases, causing irreversible demagnetization and affecting the safety and stability of motor operation. Therefore, the design of laminated magnets can reduce this risk. The company is a professional magnet manufacturer, based on the market, positioning high-end, will, as always, provide our customers with the most competitive prices, the most timely and accurate delivery and the best quality service.

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